Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)
How to Access Google Classroom


In order to access Google Classroom for an assignment, please follow the steps below.

1.  Go to Google Classroom
2.  In the top right corner you will find either a + sign or an email address.  You will need to click on the + sign or the little arrow next to the email address.
3. Sign in using your login information found in your assignment notebook (username@aquinasschools.org). 
4. Find the class the assignment is for. 
5. Once in the correct class you can click on the link for the assignment you are working on.
6. If you have not started the assignment yet, you will need to click on 'create' and choose 'docs'.
7. Once you have completed your assignment, click the 'Turn In' button on the top of the page.

If you have any questions or difficulty while doing this, please let me know in class the next day or email me at .