Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)
Google Classroom

How to Access Google Classroom

In order to access Google Classroom for an assignment, please follow the steps below.

1.  Go to Google Classroom
2.  In the top right corner you will find either a + sign or an email address.  You will need to click on the + sign or the little arrow next to the email address.
3. Sign in using your login information found in your assignment notebook (username@aquinasschools.org). 
4. Find the class the assignment is for. 
5. Once in the correct class you can click on the link for the assignment you are working on.
6. If you have not started the assignment yet, you will need to click on 'create' and choose 'docs'.
7. Once you have completed your assignment, click the 'Turn In' button on the top of the page.

If you have any questions or difficulty while doing this, please let me know in class the next day or email me at nicole.sauter@aquinasschools.org.

Read Works

At the beginning of each week, I will be selecting an article set for each child. If you are looking for a little something more that your son or daughter can do at home with reading, this will be a great option. They can access the website from Google Classroom. Your child is very familiar with using Google Classroom, and should be able to access it easily from home. If they are unsure, there are detailed instructions on our class web page. The biggest challenge when accessing Google Classroom from home is that children need to be logged into their Aquinas account (which can be found in the assignment notebook).

Brain Pop
This is a wonderful website to use when you would like to do some research on any subject area. It has games, videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge. Each student has a log-in and password that is located in their assignment notebooks! Enjoy!

School Website Links
This will link you to our Library School Website. It has a variety of tools and games for the students.

Spelling City
     This is a great link to practice spelling words. You can sign up as a parent for the free version and plug in your child's spelling words. There are games and practices quizzes as well! Please click the Link below to get to the site! Spelling City Link

Math Games Front Row
-Front Row is a great tool for students to practice skills that they have not yet mastered. We work on this in class, but it would be a great for extra practice at home as well! In order to access this website your child will need to click on the link below. They then need to login using their First Name and Last Name. The code is sauter2. I will send home login cards for you in their assignment notebooks. If you need another login card please ask me!