Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)

The Big Window

The Big Window is the Blessed Sacrament School Store and is located next to the cafeteria.  The store is operated by the students of the 5th and 6th grade.  Grade 4 students may join the staff of the Big Window in March.  The students conduct inventory, track sales, organize and decorate the store, keep finances and prepare advertising.  Parent and Faculty assist with the overseeing of the store. 

The store is open 3 days a week.  Tuesdays after school and Wednesday/Friday mornings.  Students work approximately 2 shifts per month with parent supervision.

The store carries school supplies, religious items, snacks, drinks, novelty items and holiday trinkets. 

On Fridays during September and May, the store sells ice cream treats for 50 cents at the flag pole.

On Fat Tuesday, they sell King Cupcakes to raise money for Casa Hogar and the school's God-Son, Alberto.

All other profits from the store are donated to charity or are used to assist with projects at the school.