Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)
Dress Code


General ACS Dress Code Guidelines:

  1. Each student's appearance must be appropriate to a Catholic school setting. Walking shorts and capri pants are NOT to be worn on Mass days. The administration reserves the right to judge what is appropriate and to act on that judgment. The administration also reserves the right to amend the dress code as needed.
  2. Clothing, jewelry and/or grooming must not be distracting, potentially dangerous and/or disruptive to the learning environment. Hairstyles must be clean, of reasonable style and natural color. Boys’ hair must be above the collar line. Ear piercing only. No more than two earrings per ear. No body piercing (other than ears). No visible tattoos, real or artificial.
  3. Worn, faded, frayed, baggy or form fitting clothing may not be worn.
  4. Headwear may not be worn indoors, e.g. sweatbands, scarves, hats, helmets, etc.
  5. No jackets, coats, or other items intended to be worn outdoors are to be worn indoors.
  6. Official scouting uniforms may be worn on meeting days.
  7. Fifth grade students may wear D.A.R.E. shirts when the D.A.R.E. officer is in the building.
  8. Each student needs tennis shoes with non-marking soles for use in Physical Education class.


Specific Clothing *Solid Colors is defined as all one color, including collars and trim.

A. Shirts - *Solid colored navy blue, white or red

  1. Button polo shirt with collar or turtleneck
  2. Long or short sleeves.
  3. No logos, writing or graphics except for ACS logo and school name
  4. Shirts must be buttoned except for the top button.
  5. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  6. White blouses with collar under jumpers only.

B. Sweaters - *Solid colored navy blue or red

  1. Cardigan, V-neck, crew neck, long sleeved sweaters only.

2. No logos, writing or graphics.

3. Collared shirt or turtlenecks must be worn under all sweaters.

4. Sweaters do not need to be tucked in.

C. Sweatshirts - *Solid colored navy blue or red

1. Long sleeved ACS sweatshirts or fleece only

2. Collared shirt or turtlenecks must be worn under all sweatshirts.

3. Sweatshirts do not need to be tucked in.

D. Pants - *Solid colored navy blue, black, or khaki tan color only

1. Tailored cotton, cotton-polyester, or corduroy.

2. No bib overalls, jeans, athletic pants, or carpenter pants.

3. Pants must be worn at the natural waist.

4. Pant hems may not touch the floor.

5. Elastic or adjustable waistband is acceptable.

E. Shorts - *Solid colored navy blue, black or khaki tan color only

1. Tailored cotton, cotton-polyester, or corduroy walking shorts at the knee or no more than 3" above knee.

2. May be worn during first and fourth academic quarters only.

3. No skorts.

4. No athletic shorts.

5. Elastic or adjustable waistband is acceptable.

6. Capri pants at mid-calf.

F. Footwear - Color should be coordinated with other clothing

1. Socks, tights or nylons must be worn.

2. Enclosed shoes or sandals with back strap.

3. Shoe strings must be tied at all times.

4. No clogs, crocs, or cowboy boots.

5. No heels beyond 1".

G. Skirts/Jumpers - *Solid colored navy blue, khaki tan color only, or black

1. Cotton, cotton-polyester, or corduroy.

2. No more than 3" above the knee.

3. No split skirts or skorts.

4. In the interest of modesty, tights, leggings, or shorts are recommended to be worn under skirts and jumpers. Tights, leggings, or shorts must be solid colored.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider