Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School (3rd Grade - 6th Grade)

 Principal's Message

Welcome to Blessed Sacrament School, an Aquinas Catholic School, serving students in grades 3-6 and their families.  I would invite you to visit Blessed Sacrament School to experience how our school can be a “safe harbor” for children in transition from early elementary school.  I  truly feel that the Catholic school is a natural extension of the family to embrace faith, educational, and social values.  Recognizing that our faith provides the foundation for all learning; Blessed Sacrament School offers a quality and diverse curriculum delivered by a top quality, certified, Christ-centered staff.   There is a true integration of faith knowledge, concepts, and dispositions into all of the academic areas.  Students and staff share realistic faith experiences and practice the Catholic traditions to teach the deep and relevant history of the Church.  Blessed Sacrament School offers a culture that fosters self-discipline.  I believe that our school could make a difference for your student and your family!

Sincere in my vocation as a Catholic School Educator,

Kay Berra
Blessed Sacrament School Principal